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  • A new generation is emerging, and finding innovative ways to get to the next level.   We engineer apparel for the purpose of ease-of Movement with a balance of high-end Minimalism.  It is wardrobe for those who don’t see a difference between what they do and who they are.

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  • Balsa NYC builds the future with fabric. We believe the world is changing, and our clothes must change with it. We source fabrics from the best mills worldwide to create hybrids of tech textiles and expertise tailoring for a new kind of Advanced Ready-to-Wear, made in NYC.

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  • The future fascinates me – the progression of mechanics, and the transformation of culture and music.  Body physics merged with progression are my influences, but my endpoint always arrives at the question – how can clothing evolve?

    I started Balsa NYC in 2015, with my business partner Tash Shore, to explore new approaches to cut, tailoring and material.  Innovation comes in the form of soccer jerseys crossbred with oversized polos, moto zippers with tech t-shirts and transformative skirts. My goal with Balsa is to create Ready-To-Wear that is a fusion of streamlined staples while still pushing creativity.

    – Michelle Shore, Creative Director

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